Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Is Bangalore Your Destination for Real Estate Investments?

Investing in real estate sector is not always about the finances and the property that you want invest in. There are factors such as the city, location, amenities and price of the property that should be taken into consideration. The real estate market in India has been witnessing a steady growth and a transition as well. Amongst all the leading metro cities in the country, Bangalore is being counted as the ideal destination for investing in real estate sector.

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka and leading professional and education destination for Indians, has been witnessing a growth in the professional developments such as Information Technology hubs in areas like Marathahalli and Hebbal, manufacturing industry offices in Malleshwara, Peenya and Bommasandra and multiple SEZs spread across the city. This has prompted the inflow of young professionals in the city and look for investing in properties.

The growth of affordable properties across the city has also contributed to the growth and development of accessible transportation system such as Namma Metro lines (nine of them already functional within the city) along with better connectivity of routes for employees to travel conveniently.

Since the inflow and the number of young professionals is increasing day by day in the city, the need for properties is also noticed to be rising. Most of these young professionals plan to stay in the city for a minimum of 4-5 years and hence, plan to invest in properties which can be afforded through housing loans available with them. This has given rise to the development of affordable yet luxurious apartments by real estate developers such as the Confident Group, who has been dedicatedly building properties in the areas which are closer to the IT companies and strategically located to the major hubs in the city. These apartments are mainly available with the basic and additional amenities such as additional car park facilities, children’s play area, swimming pool, community club house, gym, etc.

Other than the working professionals, Bangalore as a city attracts the students as well. This city has some of the leading educational institutes for the graduation and post-graduation studies. Students after passing out from these institutes prefer to work in the same city rather than opting for moving to other parts of the country. Since they already know the city well, they also prefer investing or buying properties in Bangalore and settle down comfortably.

Investing in real estate makes a person expect a good return on investment either through the resale value or the property itself. Areas such as Whitefield, Electronic City, Indiranagar, Hebbal, etc. are known to have properties that can earn a good resale value on the properties, more so in case of residential properties.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Confident Leo Project Updates

Confident Group posted latest photos of Confident Leo Phase II

Real Estate in India is Going to Scout Growth in Coming Years

Mumbai is considered to be one of the most eminent commercial hubs in the Asian continent. Every other day, it attracts the attention of teeming people flocking to the city every other corner of the nation as well as globe; it is microcosm of the entire India quite literally!As such, it is also one of the most prominent city with high value and regard for real estate- a much sought after investment option in the busy city.

But the growing interest in real estate is not only restricted to the city of Mumbai alone. All across India, real estate is witnessing an exponential boom. Attribute the growth to the few found status of India in the world arena as a burgeoning economy or the growing income power of its predominant middle- class society; the real estate boom is not a myth anymore! It is hard to compare this situation to a time in the history of the country when it was truly tough and almost hazardous to own land/ property by someone if they did not belong to the affluent class in society and did not have a social standing in the society.

Today’s lot has disposable income to spare as well as the zeal to invest in fixed asset. There is also no societal hierarchy holding anyone back. Plus, easy payment options plus loans and down payment trends have made it quite possible for anyone and everyone to buy a land or build a home for themselves. Banks are there to help out with financing and there are property agents to guide one, in case there is cause for concern.

Some of the other real estate hubs across the country are tech hub Bengaluru, political capital of the nation- Delhi, Kolkata and Pune amongst others. Growing business as well as progress of the economy has ensured that there is a sustained demand for properties of all forms across the nation.
Another of the major reasons is that the present generation do not only get tied down by their roots. The job scenario is such that they have to keep on shifting their bases, cities, states and at times, countries in search of greener pastures when it comes to their vocational opportunities- in which cases, rental or leased properties are in huge demand!This makes it all the work a viable reason to work things out in favour of the real estate sector.

More so, there is an increasing demand for high class, luxury living in India which has also boosted the need for premium building projects across the tier I and II cities of the nation.

As per estimates, the real estate investments in India have peaked at a whopping USD$ 5 billion recently, which goes on to show the huge potential of the sector in the country. It is expected that the volume of construction will increase by 20 percent over the course of the next two years till 2017. All these prove that what an important juncture the sector is in presently. 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Land acquisition: the dos and don’ts

No one can deny the importance of land in real estate; it is an integral part of the realty sector. Its importance comes to play manifold while opting for a property. Below mentioned are a few things you need to keep in mind when you are scouting for a land to build your property on.

  • Zoning Ordinances- This is an absolutely essential aspect to buying a land. What you essentially need to do is check and validate with the local authorities for the zoning ordinances. It is quite necessary to find out if you would indeed be allowed to construct the house that you have in mind on the property of your choice. Some lands might not have the necessary permit for certain types of construction and may forbid it, which would come in direct line of conflict with you. It is therefore, a wise decision to find out such information in advance. Another thing to note here, the future roadmap of infrastructure in the area. It will only help you access the future credibility of the land you are going to purchase, in case you want to sell. An improvement in infrastructure will only add to the salability of the lan
  • Disclosures on Natural Hazards–keeping in mind the natural calamities is also a good idea while trying to purchase a land. Therefore, you need to touch base with the local authorities and procure the disclosure on natural catastrophes to find out if the land is natural disaster safe. It will help you know whether the land you have chosen is ideal for building purposes or not. Natural catastrophe prone lands are best avoided. Below is a checklist to follow for verification:-
    • Check for the elevation of the land
    • In case of proximity to hill, weightage to percentage of chance for tectonic movement
    • Vicinity to water bodies- in case of which, you need to raise the foundation for the building. Also, it will be wise to secure a flood insurance
  • Proximity to utilities – in order to lead a comfortable life, there are a few essential requirements that cannot be done away with! Water is one of the chef ones. This being the case, some areas might not be able to facilitate digging wells. Thus, you need to inquire about the water table prior to buying. Otherwise you might end up with a land and a house where water is a scarcity- a most unwelcome scenario in most households.
    Another major concern should be electricity; lack of which can prove to be disastrous! Therefore, find out the availability of power in your area and how much it would figure out in your monthly expenditure.
    Sanitation, in other words- sewage system is another aspectto making a healthy and hygienic living! This is the reason it is wise to find out about the same. Calculate the charges for installation of a septic system; and the ease of use. You would not end, in the long run, want to end with an overflowing drainage around you house, or a faulty and failing septic system.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Mistakes to Avoid as You Invest in Real Estate Properties

The best way to learn is from the mistakes you make. True, but does that allow you to make mistakes in cases where huge amounts of your hard earned money is also involved? Probably not. It is always better to stay informed about the possible mistakes that can happen, so that they can be avoided on time, especially in the case of real estate property investments.

As a first timer in the real estate industry, the first thing that one should consider doing is to educate himself or herself and learn about the nuances of investment in the real estate industry. You can also get in contact with an expert investor for advices while keeping in mind the following points:

  1. It is always advised that one should invest in properties with a proper time gap in order to have the expenses and the associated responsibilities spread out properly. Investing in too many properties at the same time may just the investor in a financially drained out state and cause related problems.
  2. Investments in real estate properties will call for payment of taxes. Payment of taxes on time is essential to avoid paying piled up arrears. Get advices from a tax consultant and pay the taxes as and when asked for.
  3. Do a proper research on the prices on the properties to paying high prices for the same. Investing in properties does not necessarily mean that one can earn money from selling it. If purchased at the right prices, one can also add on it and make it a valuable deal.
  4. Investment requires a person to be extremely careful with his or her finances. There may be multiple payments required to be done for miscellaneous items. Hence, not maintaining a proper expense and investment sheet may land the investor in trouble. A valuable deal coupled with sensible spending of money to add value to the property will enhance its value further.
  5. Being confident about your investment plans is good but being over-confident can kill it. Once you start understand the dynamics of real estate investments, spend some time in analysing and evaluating the deals with an expert before actually start investing. Understand the changes in the pricing strategies and make a plan accordingly.
  6. Set up goals for your current and future investments. This is to ensure that you do not lose out on opportunities of reinvestments in the future. You may be required to spend on doing repair work and maintenance work so that when you sell your property to a potential buyer, you get the appreciated value rather than suffer a loss. Buyers are always interested in properties that are well-maintained and looked after.
Keep a check on the changing rules and regulations in the real estate industry to ensure that you are well informed before you start your investment plans. 

Monday, 10 August 2015

Real Estate and Women: A Budding Relationship

Given the adage that a woman is the true ruler of the “home” turf, it is but unlikely to think that she may or may not have any saying in matters when it comes to choosing her home. To validate that point now, a new survey result seems to rule in favor- women have been found to be the undisputed ruler and, in this case, primary decision makers when it comes to matters concerning their abode.

What is an astonishing revelation from the survey results is the fact that a high rate of as many as 95% of women were found to be actively involved in the process of decision making in matters of affairs relating to their home, be it purchase or rent.

Listed below, are few revelations derived from the survey:

Women leading the home front
In today’s world, women have been found to be increasingly dominant when it comes to matters of choosing their home. Over 30% of women have been found to be the decision makers regarding home and families; 50% women are known to undertake decisions jointly with either their parents or spouses.

Women were also found to be the major influencers when it comes making decisions, haggling the price of property ownership and payment convenience. Women also engage with owners directly, especially when it comes to renting apartments. They engage directly in matters of rents and deposit amounts.

Rising number of women visiting housing
There has been a rise in the number of women who visit realty websites. Women ranging in age between 18 and 34 have been found to drive traffic across devices for realty websites, re-affirming that there is a marked rise in women visiting realty websites in order to influence decision making. Mobile is a preferred medium for women and as many as 58% were found to have been using resources.

Besides Buy sections on realty websites, women have also been found to make a dent through figures when it comes to sections on Rent and PG Categories. Involvement with PGs was found to be highest amongst all three.

These key findings merely reiterate on the simple truth that in modern India, women are increasingly finding their strong foothold. Even in such matters as choosing homes to stay in, matters that were seen to be way too patriarchal in light in a traditional Indian household set up even some years ago.

Availability of easily accessible online content as well as mobile gadgets have made is possible for women to screen and choose properties of their liking, haggle and negotiate prices as per requisitions and set up appointments and deals without having to physically travel from one place to the other. This has led to most of them stepping into choosing the homes they deem fit to stay in. as realty based website grow more and more all-inclusive in their offerings, it will only help make it a more inclusive society for women to make independent decisions. 

Friday, 31 July 2015

How Ready Are You for Your First Home

If you are toying with the idea of investing your money for some time now, then you must have
considered buying a property or house. Owing a house is often of those aims that we all have from the time we start earning money and more so, because it is one of those investment areas that promises a good and valuable return on investment. 

When you plan to invest in properties, there are few things that you should consider seriously to evaluate if you are ready to buy your first property:

  • It is extremely important to understand that owing a house is different from renting a house. It is expensive and requires a proper financial plan to be kept in place. The cost does not only include the price of the house but the other factors such as maintenance, water and other utility costs that needs to be taken care of as well. A good financial plan should be in place that includes your regular expenses, debts and emergency requirements properly.
  • Buying a house will inevitably involve taking up a housing loan. Since most of the investments and big purchases today are done through bank loans, you should meet up the bank officers from different banks and understand their loan process. Though there might be very less differences, however, it is always better when you are evaluating the pros and cons of each bank. Loans can also be taken from the various mortgage brokers as well. Consider each and every aspect properly and if needed, consult a real estate agent and financial expert to plan your investment.
  • Be as much realistic as you can be when it comes to investing in properties. Buying a property may help you achieve your aim but it should also be in your affordability limits. The expense chart should consider your loan repayment amount, taxes, insurance and other items properly. If it is poorly made plan, then it may be difficult to manage your daily expenses and save for your future.
  • Once your expenses and finances are in place, your next step should be to find properties and real estate agents who can help you find the type of house you are looking forward to buy. It may strike you in the middle of the hunt that the ones that you are getting are not matching your dream house. Discuss with your agent about the facilities and amenities you need and your budget as well. This will help in finding the proper house for yourself.
  • Be prepared for all the closing costs after you are done purchasing your house. It might be required 15 to 20 years later but take preparations for that as well.

While investing in properties, managing finances plays a significant role and it must be taken into consideration properly, even if you are not a first time buyer. 

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Check Points for Your Investments Abroad

If you are one of those who has to travel and stay abroad for most of the time in a year owing to your professional life, you can actually consider investment options in those countries as well apart from investing in India. Investments in the international countries are not a difficult process provided you are aware of the various laws pertaining to income tax as well the exchange control.

In case of exchange control laws, the first point that should be taken into account is the quantum of investment. For any individual resident, the Reserve Bank of India allows remittances of up to a limit of Rs. 5 crore annually. This amount is approval-free and is released under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme. If the individual wishes, then he or she can remit additional amounts through the family members. The advantage here is the no restriction put on the number of times remittances are allowed if they are within the defined and overall limit. This helps in cases where the price is paid through instalments.

The second point that should be considered while investing in the overseas countries is that of the amount collected from the rental and the proceeds received from the final sale price. As an individual holding the Indian residency, the person has to leave the income collected from the rentals along with the final and actual sale amount from any of the properties located abroad into the bank account in his or her Indian bank within 90 days.

The third and final point is about the Income Tax that are involved with the properties bought abroad. There may be a variety of implications and complexities involved when it comes to taxes if there is any investment done in the properties in any overseas countries. There may be taxes involved if any Indian owns an immovable property and earns from the same. These income from the rentals earned might be taxable in India because the owner holds an Ordinarily Resident status in India. One must also take care of the income tax registrations, income tax file returns and similar other taxes. The tenant may be required to withhold any kind of tax that falls under the overseas country tax laws in the process of making payments to any landlord located outside India. Apart from these laws, one must consider the foreign exchange regulations of the country and understand the limitation that might be put in while selling off any property and letting go of any investment. The rentals earned will be considered taxable as are the second properties considered in India. 

Friday, 24 July 2015

Bengaluru to Witness Demand for Small Sized Apartments

Tech city Bengaluru has coveted the title of being one of the most advanced and financially thriving Indian cities in the recent days. As is with most progressive and urbane city, its real estate is a thriving affair and it is not an unlikely sight to spot sky high towers and high-end residential apartment. With fast cash and easy life at their disposal, the Bangaloreans seems to have developed a penchant for high-end residential apartments and luxury lives.

However, an in-depth analysis of the real estate sector in the city seems to have projected that it is not clearly the case! High-end residential apartments have fallen from favour for the general mass across Bengaluru. According to industry insiders, the recent months have seen a general shift in the trend of preference for lower priced apartment over high-end residential apartments.

Nonetheless, the contribution of the city’s IT sector towards the real estate has been dipping to a large extent in the recent times. The figure has seen a downturn from 40 percent to 30 percent over the months. Earlier, the figure used to be 40 percent plus!

Small sized apartments have also witnessed a slackening in volume; around 14 million square feet of commercial space was absorbed last year and 17 million square feet more is expected to be absorbed this year.

The influx of outside players is going to impact the inventory for sure, with variations ranging from player to player. Nevertheless, the price cut is not going to be much impacted in the days to come. In fact, industry maverns expect a 10-12 percent hike in prices. Factors such as surge in price of the land, cost of labour and approval costs will be the major drivers in this segment, managing to keep the prices high.

The industry trend has seen people opting for smaller or low priced apartments,lieu of the high-end residential apartments instead of waiting for the prices to come down, thereby escalating demand. This way, overall square footage is slated to keep increasing in Bengaluru through this year and keep up the momentum in the near future. This has in turn, led the real estate players to hold on to their current rates at the time being, instead of opting for slashing prices and pushing the volume of sale.

Nevertheless, with the market size compressing considerably, and on a trajectory of compression- many players are expected to offer discounts or rebate, in order to woo prospective clients. In the high segment, there could be some price cuts in case of slackened demands; whereas, the midmarket segment would not have to resort to such means, solely based on demand. 

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Is Realty Sector still Lucrative for NRIs?

Ask any NRI about their plans of coming back and settling down in India, the answer would probably be, may be a few years later. In the meanwhile, I will look at investing in properties in India for my future and to spend my retirement years! For a long time, India did not offer opportunities for migrated Indians to invest in sectors that would offer a good and valuable return. However, with the turn of events, governmental policies and rising development in the sectors such as real estate, technical and mechanical industries, etc. the scope is increasing by leaps and bounds.

Real estate industry, since the past few years, is being considered as one of the most lucrative sectors that offers a good return on investment to the investors. Be it in the residential sector or commercial one, the industry has shown potential growth to ensure that it attracts both international and domestic buyers.

In case of the NRIs (Non-Resident Indians), the idea of investment in real estate sector is mainly in cities of their origin or in places which guarantees development in the coming few years. Cities such as Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai are considered to be the hubs of real estate investments since many residential as well as commercial properties are being developed at regular intervals. Investment in the real estate sector also gives the Government a scope to increase and stabilise its economy.

In cases of the NRIs, and because of their monetary strength, most of them consider investing in luxury apartments. In India, of late, the trend of building luxury apartments has increased owing to the demand from the NRIs who look at investing in such properties either for themselves or for renting them out. However, if experts are to be believed, investing in smaller apartments is considered to be more beneficial since these can be put out on rent easily and the demand is higher in comparison to the luxury apartments. The current trend reveals that investments are found to be more in the township based properties which offer apartments that are not too luxurious but are in sync with the kind of lifestyle people are aiming to live.

Although for NRIs, investing in real estate sector is still lucrative, they must consider all kinds of legal aspects prior to investment and leasing out the property. It is better to go through professional agencies who can help in showing the best properties and then take an informed decision.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Confident Group Customer Review on Confident Antlia Project

The Antlia project from Confident Group is one of the most beautiful residential set ups in the tech hub of Bengaluru, one that is very strategically located though not facing the brunt of its busy position. And for people like us, we work in the adjoining tech parks; this is an answer to our prayers. I have been staying here at the residential enclave for sometime now, and have only great experiences to share.

The pristine surrounding nature is a pleasure to behold. It is hard to come across nature right in the heart of the busy city. Stretches of lush green fields and shimmering lakes will greet your eyes as welcome break at the Confident Antlia.

Each of the apartments in this elegant enclave boasts of world class features and designs, and do not compromise with the quality of fine living at any point of time. I can only be thankful for the spacious living spaces and the well ventilated rooms. It is hard to come by apartments that flaunt roomy bedrooms and bathrooms; fortunately, Antlia addresses these shortcomings in its modern day apartments that are fitted with the best of amenities and style.

The other benefits that make it a pleasure to stay here at the Antlia, includes children’s park, swimming pool, gym, table tennis among others. Fine living has never been more fulfilling and stylish, according to me. Plus, its strategic location at Sarjapur Main Road is one of the main reasons this project has attained such popularity, and one of the prime reasons I opted this property.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Where Should You Invest: Gold, Real Estate or Equities?

How often are you given the advice to start investing so that you earn some additional income
through the years to help secure your future? Too often since you have also started working and earning a regular salary! The most common areas to invest your money as per the numerous suggestions include investing in gold, equities or in real estate properties. But which will be a good area to invest your money so that your returns are high?

Be it gold, equity funds or real estate properties, each of these are treated and considered as real assets and has its own share of benefits. Let us take a close look at the benefits of each:

Gold is always considered as a traditional asset, one that almost of us possess in some quantity or the other. The best part is that investing in gold is extremely easy and is not time bound. The money invested in buying physical gold can be used to make personal jewelleries as well as can be used a medium of availing loans by keeping it as mortgaged. However, the things that should be kept into account is that you do not earn any regular income in form of rentals or dividends when you invest in gold, neither do you enjoy any tax benefits. The risk of investing on gold is medium.

Most of the finance experts and other experienced investors consider investing in any real estate property is a good option. The benefits being earning of regular income if the property has been put on rent, it is one of the easiest possessions to keep as mortgage if the need be. Since real estate requires regular maintenance, the performance of the investment can be shown to have raised by the number of renovations, etc. done. The biggest benefit of investing in real estate is that the market price of the property will always witness a gradual increase, thus making it a stable investment. The cons in this case is the requirement of a huge amount of capital for initial investment, invest in maintenance and difficulty in selling of this asset.

In case of investing in equities, the benefits include the provision of beginning the process with a minimum amount in different places and not restricting to only one type, the level of liquidity is quite high. The funds that are invested in such financial schemes are managed and handled completely by the professionals and market experts. The rate of possible returns on investment is also high with guaranteed returns on tax. In this case, the risk factor is high owing to the market conditions.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of investing in gold, equities or real estate, it would be better to consult an expert and take an informed decision on how much to invest where, since all the options provide a balanced array of benefits and risk factors. 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Few points to remember before you plan your real estate investments

Planning your investments early is the smartest investment that you can do to secure your future, says many economists and finance experts. Now, that you have decided to invest, think of answers to the question, where to invest that would earn a positive return on investment and most potential profits over the years. Finance experts suggest that investing in real estate is an option that should not be ignored. Despite the positives that it may reap in the coming years, there is always a risk attached to it. It is, therefore, significant to make choices and weigh the pros and cons while making an investment.

  1. Understand where to invest and consult if a person who has a good knowledge about the property market. He or she should help you find out deals that may be under-priced on the face due to a variety of reasons but based on the current market rates.
  2. Weigh your risks before you invest: at times, there can be circumstances where you are asked to invest in funds related to different private property schemes, real estate profiles that run on the basis of investments done by the customers. There are chances that one may never get to see any return on that money since several things may just go wrong. Experts reveal that if as an investor, you are allowed to take a part of the property in your name and have complete possession, it may help you own a real estate property for real. It is better to go through the updated reports, reviews and analysis released by the real estate experts and take an informed decision thereafter.
  3. The type of property to invest on, considering the current market scenario is the luxury homes and residential properties. People are looking for opportunities to own their luxury homes at places that are serene and these are locations that experts suggest perfect for building luxury properties. These are also known to be having a positive impact when it comes to the return on investment expected.
  4. If you are looking for investment opportunities that will ensure quick return and have short-term investment goals, you can look for buying and selling properties to customers in neighbourhoods that are developed and comfortable to stay at. However, this type of investment plans may be risky owing to the fact that getting interested customers to buy the property may be difficult at times. One must check for good localities and then proceed with such real estate investment plans.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Confidet Phoenix From Confident Group Calicut

Change is everywhere and the lifestyle around is also evolving. Confident group is taking an extra step to redefine your living with a combination of luxury and nature. Confident Phoenix, the beginning of a new life… Amenities that take care of your needs and features that fulfill your dreams are something that makes Confident Phoenix unique. Here you will feel the serenity of living and a glimpse of change everywhere. Confident Phoenix- for those who love a new life. For more details please visit:

Monday, 27 October 2014

Get High Returns by Investing Right

Investing in real estate in metropolitan cities will ensure high returns but only if you know exactly where to plow your capital. For instance, if we consider Bangalore, it is safe to say that being an IT hub, you should own property next to main IT areas although real estate options on the outskirts and near metro lines is lucrative as well.

Prepare for some risks!
However, you need to be prepared to take a few risks as well if you want your returns to be significantly higher. When Confident Group ventured into the market by designing gated communities, it was a relatively new concept in India, but the idea caught on, and now you can see such infrastructure all over Bangalore. Being selective does work in certain situations but you have to keep an open mind when it comes to looking at potential properties.

Consider the area next to the metro
With the concept of metro being introduced in major cities across India, the transportation has been given a much needed overhaul, with great developments in the real estate market as well. If you build apartments, family homes, duplexes etc. near the metro lines, as per the convenience of people, so they can commute with ease, the returns of the property will be indeed quite high. CMH Road, Byappanahalli, Puttenahalli, BTM Layout, Electronic city and Nagawara – these are some areas that have undergone an increase in price due to proximity to metro lines.

Own property on the outskirts
Confident Group, which is one of the leading real estate developers in the market, has expanded its reach to outskirts because of rapid development of infrastructure in those areas leading to an appreciation in the prices in those areas. Customized developments, both residential and commercial, work well in outskirts such as Sarjapur, Doddabalapur Road, Devanahalli, and Hoskote.

Invest in real estate near IT areas
High rental returns are guaranteed in core IT areas as more job opportunities spring up due to more IT/ITEs companies setting up offices there. Such areas have facilities such as good physical and social infrastructural development, easy access to work places, educational institutions, entertainment hubs, markets and malls – it is evident the property values will be higher. As an investor, you can expect high returns from IT sectors.  Some developers have been known to provide discounts to clear pending stock.

If you wish to study trends of a particular company, you can take a look at some of the investments made by Confident Group, as their returns have been quite high and they have managed to keep their performance consistent too.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Contemplating on Purchasing a Property in Bangalore?

Bangalore is presently one of the cities in India where everyone wants to be, and why not? With the city booming in size to become a major IT hub in India, companies are fiercely competing to ensure they have sizeable workforces out there to tap the vast potential of the Silicon Valley.

Performance of the Real Estate Market:
Apart from the IT sector, another industry that is flourishing in this city is real estate – whether you consider commercial properties or residential complexes, the market is growing with each passing day. Confident Group, one of the big players started small with a series of flats but have moved on to more lucrative projects comprising villas, bungalows, penthouses, and row houses to name just a few. The reason for the success of this sector in Bangalore is perhaps the ability to see far ahead. For example, if Confident Group puts up a property in a prime location, the developers also ensure that the property has excellent infrastructure, it is easy to commute from there and all amenities are located close by. There are a quite a few favorites of investors and developers when it comes to locations such as Whitefield, Koramangala, BTM Layout, HSR Layout, Malleshwaram, Indira Nagar, M.G Road, and Ulsoor. Most properties spell out fabulous returns over a certain time period, which sort of brings down the risk factor a notch.

Investor Satisfaction Guaranteed:
Be it shopping malls, duplexes, gated communities, or multiplexes – the architectural designs are in their glory! Real estate is all about convincing investors to put their faith into the project after weighing the pros & cons and although “face value” isn’t all that important, some investors definitely consider a property if they have a favorable first impression. Investor satisfaction is at an all time high, which bodes well for big names like Confident Group. Builders comprehend fully that the requirements and demands of buyers need to be kept in mind, which is why purchasing a property in Bangalore is one of the best decisions you can make right now.

The booming real estate industry is not just confined to the main city anymore and is spreading its wings in the outskirts as well, thus promising great returns on investment.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Bangalore honchos on property-buying spree in the US

The year ended March, 2014 saw a huge surge in residential property investments by Indians in the US. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) data, followed by Canada, Indians are the third largest community who are buying properties in the US. Chinese investors are the ones who top the list in property investment in the US.

The most sought after cities in the US by the Indian citizens are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Las Vegas and the Bay Area.

Indians with a specific work visa, normally for a period of almost six years and a good rating by credit agencies qualify to purchase a property in US without much hassle. They easily avail loans from the banks at an interest rate of 3% to 4%, which not only speeds up but also smoothes the process of property purchase.
There are a number of reasons for this increase in the property purchase in US. Some of them are a good valuation and portfolio diversification. There are a number of Indians who prefer to buy property in US with a view of settling abroad since their children are already pursuing higher education in the US. Also there is a large section of Indians who work for US based companies or IT companies whose major client is US, hence they have easy access to the market information of the property in the US and consequently consider investing in US property and not in premium properties in the metros of India.

As far as prices are concerned, investors find it profitable to invest in US properties since the prices of premium apartments in the metros including Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai are comparatively higher than that in the US.

Bangalore based honchos are not only on a property purchasing spree in the US but also consider other overseas markets like the UK, , Australia , Malaysia and Singapore as equally attractive. Considering the increase in Indian investment in the US market by almost 50% to approximately $5 billion by 2014, March end as compared to the previous year, it is evident that US is the first choice of location for property purchase for Indian honchos.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Confident Group Pre Launch Offer on Villa Plots

Check out the pre-launch offer on Villa Plots at Sarjapur and Confident Group!


Searching for a resort at Bannerghatta Road? Stay with CONFIDENT GROUP at CONFIDENT CASCADE RESORT.  A mega resort and convention center developed by

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Planning to Buy Property in Bangalore? Check out Sarjapur.

The first choice for property investment- Sarjapur 

Bangalore is one of the preferred choices of a property investor because of the umpteen numbers of IT companies and other multinational companies located there.  Out of the many locations in Bangalore, one of the most apparent choices, which comes in the mind, when one thinks of investing in property in Bangalore, is Sarjapur locality.

Sarjapur Road which is located in the outskirts of Bangalore is some 25 km in the south east region of the state. Sarjarpur is one of the leading areas for investment because of its proximity to the IT companies including Wipro and Infosys’ IT special economic zones and the recent trend in the real estate sector shows that such areas are comparatively more profitable for investment in property because of easy access to shopping complexes , IT Zones, and medical services.

Moreover, it also helps the individual to overcome the traffic congestion troubles. As a result of which there is less pollution and less health hazards in such locations. Excellent connectivity with other areas across Bangalore like Koramangala, Whitefield, Indiranagar, BTM Layout and HSR Layout along with the rest of Bangalore and nearness to the office is among the key highlights for investing in areas like Sarjapur area.

Sarjapur Road is one of the finest areas not only in terms of development but also because it is among the most environment friendly area. The area is covered with green trees, thus creating the perfect ambience for the children as well. No wonder the Sarjapur area is one the most sought after areas and a perfect hub for many residential apartments.

It is because of this geographical advantage that many infrastructure companies, including Confident Group has come up with numerous residential projects, including Confident Aspire and Confident Leo in this prime location of Sarjarpur area.

Thus better connectivity to other areas of Bangalore, greenery, nearness to a number of schools, colleges and hospitals are among the unique selling points for residential properties in Sajapur area. Besides, the property prices are less in comparison to properties in other areas of Bangalore. Thus, the apartments in Sarjapur area are a value for money for investors because it provides all the facilities that are available in other standard residential apartments at a lesser price. Thus residential properties in Sajapur are among the hottest deals of the property investment in Bangalore.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

CONFIDENT LEO - Luxury is Close at Hand

Spread across 1,29,500 sq. ft. of prime property within the BDA limits, Confident Leo, located on Sarjapur Main Road, is in close proximity to the Wipro Corporate Office. Confident Leo offers exclusive 3 BHK Luxury Apartments on Ground, plus 12 storey towers. This luxury and premium project boasts of a great location, being just a few minutes drive to HSR Layout , Koramangala, Electronics City, Whitefield and Outer Ring Road. Also in the vicinity are 6 renowned International Schools for your convenience. [Click Here for more details]