Monday, 10 August 2015

Real Estate and Women: A Budding Relationship

Given the adage that a woman is the true ruler of the “home” turf, it is but unlikely to think that she may or may not have any saying in matters when it comes to choosing her home. To validate that point now, a new survey result seems to rule in favor- women have been found to be the undisputed ruler and, in this case, primary decision makers when it comes to matters concerning their abode.

What is an astonishing revelation from the survey results is the fact that a high rate of as many as 95% of women were found to be actively involved in the process of decision making in matters of affairs relating to their home, be it purchase or rent.

Listed below, are few revelations derived from the survey:

Women leading the home front
In today’s world, women have been found to be increasingly dominant when it comes to matters of choosing their home. Over 30% of women have been found to be the decision makers regarding home and families; 50% women are known to undertake decisions jointly with either their parents or spouses.

Women were also found to be the major influencers when it comes making decisions, haggling the price of property ownership and payment convenience. Women also engage with owners directly, especially when it comes to renting apartments. They engage directly in matters of rents and deposit amounts.

Rising number of women visiting housing
There has been a rise in the number of women who visit realty websites. Women ranging in age between 18 and 34 have been found to drive traffic across devices for realty websites, re-affirming that there is a marked rise in women visiting realty websites in order to influence decision making. Mobile is a preferred medium for women and as many as 58% were found to have been using resources.

Besides Buy sections on realty websites, women have also been found to make a dent through figures when it comes to sections on Rent and PG Categories. Involvement with PGs was found to be highest amongst all three.

These key findings merely reiterate on the simple truth that in modern India, women are increasingly finding their strong foothold. Even in such matters as choosing homes to stay in, matters that were seen to be way too patriarchal in light in a traditional Indian household set up even some years ago.

Availability of easily accessible online content as well as mobile gadgets have made is possible for women to screen and choose properties of their liking, haggle and negotiate prices as per requisitions and set up appointments and deals without having to physically travel from one place to the other. This has led to most of them stepping into choosing the homes they deem fit to stay in. as realty based website grow more and more all-inclusive in their offerings, it will only help make it a more inclusive society for women to make independent decisions. 

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